Contributing to Tron

Tron is an open source project and welcomes contributions from the community. The source and issue tracker are hosted on github at

Setting Up an Environment

Tron works well with virtualenv, which can be setup using virtualenvwrapper:

$ mkvirtualenv tron --distribute --no-site-packages
$ pip install -r dev/req_dev.txt

req_dev.txt contains a list of packages required for development, including: Testify to run the tests and Sphinx to build the documentation.

Coding Standards

All code should be PEP8 compliant, and should pass pyflakes without warnings. All new code should include full test coverage, and bug fixes should include a test which reproduces the reported issue.

This documentation must also be kept up to date with any changes in functionality.

Running Tron in a Sandbox

The source package includes a development logging.conf and a sample configuration file with a few test cases. To run a development instance of Tron create a working directory and start trond using the following:

$ make dev

Running the Tests

Tron uses the Testify unit testing framework.

Run the tests using make tests or testify tests. If you’re using a virtualenv you may want to run python `which testify` test to have it use the correct environment.

This package also includes a .pyautotest file which can be used with to auto run tests when you save a file.


There should be a github issue created prior to all pull requests. Pull requests should be made to the Yelp:development branch, and should include additions to CHANGES.txt which describe what has changed.